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According to Cat Health and PD Pet Insurance, breakaway quick release collars are the only type of collar a cat should wear for their own safety. The breakaway collar is designed to unclip if pressure is applied so your kitty can safely ‘break away’. This is an important design in the world of cat collars as if the collar gets hooked on something your cat won’t be in danger of choking or entanglement. They feature a bell to help you find your cat and to deter them from hunting. They are adjustable, for a secure, reliable fit (always ensure you can fit two fingers snugly between the collar and your cats neck) They also feature a reflective strip so your cat has a better chance of being seen at night. Available in six cool colours.


Reflective Breakaway Safety Collar for Cats

  • Products are non refundable and non returnable unless a print error has occurred at our end or the product is faulty or defective. If you have any issues with your item please let us know, we like our customers to have warm fuzzies when they deal with us no matter what.

  • Shipping is tracked via NZ post. Products only available in New Zealand and Australia. NZ = $5.50 for residential and $9.90 for rural. OZ = $15 flat rate. Please note some of the materials we use take approx 72 hours to cure, add 3-5 working days for delivery for NZ and 7 to 10 working days for Oz.

    Sorry, we do not allow pick up of tags nor do we deliver so please choose the appropriate postage. 

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